How to Cure Stripper Burnout

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of sex work is how fucking physically and emotionally exhausting it really is. Just a few days of work are tiring, and I, personally, can feel the effects of the long hours and *mostly* repetitive “therapy” sessions with clients after a single night. Of course, the easy route is to order Seamless (twice in a day), watch The Office for the fifteenth time, and then go back to sleep and still feel like you’ve gotten nowhere—and hey, maybe sometimes that IS the answer. But, more times than not, there are more productive and healthy things we can all be doing during that time where you just don’t want to do anything. Coming at you live, from my own burnout-cave here in New York, here are some of my favorite things (and products I can’t live without) to cure Stripper Burnout:



Sometimes, it seems like sleeping is the only cure for those loooong, treacherous hours of entertaining. To ensure I get the best night’s sleep possible, I always take melatonin and an anti-anxiety supplement (or smoke a blunt wrapped in a $100 bill cone) and it’s lights out. I sleep on a silk pillowcase to maintain this babyface and long hair, and I’ll never go back!

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While I hate standing and physical activity, I also hate doing my makeup, which is an absolute requirement in our line of work. I am essentially sweating through drag makeup in a cloud of germs, so skincare is a MUST. I have “suffered” from acne ever since I moved to New York City six years ago, and have finally found products that WORK. Ladies and gents, I present to you the miracle skincare line: Biologique Recherche. You can’t find these online, but it is worth it to indulge in a facial and buy, at the very least, their P50 toner and Masque Vivant. I swear, you will never have better, brighter skin. 

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Now that you’ve inhaled a lovely cocktail of liquor, smoke, makeup, and bacteria, one of the healthiest things to do is sweat it out. To maintain my mental well-being, I make sure I hit the gym at least four times a week and combine weights with cardio. My trainer always recommends “hot girl” exercises when I’m not really in the mood to do the most- which include lunges, the stairmaster, deadlifts, and squats (are you seeing a pattern here?) 

When bodybuilding is out of the question, and I simply want to relax, spending an hour in an infrared sauna is enough to make me sweat, glow, and zone out. Some places I’ve tried out are Higher Dose and Shape House, but I particularly love how Higher Dose implements chromatherapy into their saunas.  

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Happy Light

This thing sounds like a gimmick, but this is a must for people who spend barely any time in daylight. When I’m really on my hustler shit, I become nocturnal. To properly use the happy light and receive all of its benefits, sit in front of it for up to an hour. I have one that has an adjustable brightness and timer from Verilux, but any will do. It is normal to feel slightly agitated or manic after your first few uses, but in no time, you’ll be super energized and really reaping the benefits of this artificial sun lamp.

Do Something Non-Work Related

My number one burnout tip is to just stop thinking about work. I get OBSESSIVE over working and how much money I’m making- and that is when I fail. Read a book about something you love outside of work (some of my favorites are the White Girl Problems series by Babe Walker and Coming Out Like a Porn Star by Jiz Lee), go to a museum, take a walk and listen to music- remember who you were and what you loved before you were a stripper, and go do that. Disconnecting can be tough, but it is so absolutely worthwhile. 



I’ve mentioned my favorites- but I would LOVE to know any of your best tips and tricks on how to stay sane in one of the most shockingly tiresome jobs. And if you’re exhausted, don’t push it. We are money magnets- it’s easy come, easy go. Take a break and go back feeling better than ever.


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