I Tried 4 OnlyFans Alternatives and Here's an Honest Breakdown

Full-time OF model, sex worker and SUGAR's very own, Vanessa Hinata, tried 4 subscription sites that could be potential alternatives for OnlyFans. Even though the platform has recently revoked their decision to ban pornographic content, it may still be a smart precautionary move to begin diversifying where you host your content, and income now to avoid a panic if OnlyFans can't live up to this promise. Here is a full breakdown of what LoyalFans, AVN Stars, Fansly and PocketStars have to offer. 


Minimum Payout: OF: $20 VS LF: $50

Percentage: Both are 20%

Subscriptions: OF you have to choose whether you want a subscription based website or a free page. You can have both but you have to get approved for a second page. Some people get easily approved, others don’t. I was not approved so I do not have a positive experience with it. Loyalfans gives fans an opportunity to follow your page or subscribe. Which is great because even if they are just following you they have access to your video store! Meaning, you can still make money without them being subscribed to you. It’s like having a free page and a subscription page in one.

Ways to make money: Referral Programs- OF used to have a lifetime 5% referral commission for every new model. They changed it to 12 months only. They also capped it to $50,000 per model. Loyalfans still has their lifetime 5% referral commission as well as a Customer Revenue Share! Everytime a subscriber signs up to the site for you, even if they purchase content from another model you receive 5%! Anytime that subscriber spends money, you will receive 5%.

Phone Calls: You can not receive phone calls on Onlyfans. You can however, receive phone calls through Loyal fans and yes, you can set the rate!

Pay Per Messsage/View: Onlyfans did have a PPV and also a PPM. BUT it was only possible to have both when you had a free site. If you had a subscription site you weren’t able to charge text. With Loyalfans, you could have the best of both world EVEN if they are subscribed. Meaning, if you still want to charge your subscribers to message you, even if it’s just a text, you still can. Great for sexting sessions! While I love sextpanther, it’s just easier to keep your subscribers all in one platform. Especially if they don’t want to be subscribing to different sties.

Promotion: You have to promote your Onlyfans because there is no search page. Loyalfans helps promote your page by sometimes appearing in the Recently Updated Creators, Popular Content Creators, Call a Content Creator and on their New Content Creator section of the search page.

Lives: On both sites you can earn money by going live. On Onlyfans, your subscribers are the only ones to be able to access your live show as well as tip you! On Loyalfans, you can set the live to either be seen by anyone who happens on your page, your followers or just your subscribers. You can also keep it as a tip basis OR charge per minute for them to see you live. Also, for any cam models out there: you can use OBS on your lives! A subscription site, a phone site and now a cam site? So far so good!

Video Store: Onlyfans does not have a video store. Which, was very annoying. When new subscribers would join and request videos you already made. One had to spend time to scroll through our vault to find the video they were looking for. Loyalfans has a video store with your profile! Meaning, any and every video you upload to your feed will be added to your video store. That way, for any new subscribers, you can direct them to your video store to search for the video you are looking for!

AVN Stars

Minimum Payout: AVN Stars payout is $25 which is only $5 more than Onlyfan’s payout! Not bad!

Percentage: Both take 20% from what you earn.

Subscriptions: Unlike Onlyfans, where if your page is subscription based, the only way for them to view your content as well as interact with your content is to be, subscribed. On AVN Stars it’s in your hands what you allow your follower vs your subscriber to see. Oh! The most you can charge on Onlyfans for a monthly subscription is $50. On AVN Stars there is no cap!

Ways to make money: Referral Programs- AVN Stars and Loyal Fans has the same lifetime 5% referral program. AVN Stars does not have Customer Revenue share though!

Pay Per View/Message- Onlyfans and AVN Stars both have PPV but AVN Stars also has PPM. Meaning, you can charge to send a text message without attaching any media to it!

Promotion- You need to promote your own profile. AVN Stars has an Explore All page. They promote people who have updated recently and people who are new to the site!

Lives- Just like Loyal Fans, you can stream using OBS! It doesn’t have the other perks that Loyal Fans does though. Still a step ahead of Onlyfans!

Video Store- AVN Stars has a video store as well! A great option for people who don’t subscribe to you to still be able to purchase content from you. Also great for new subscribers to refer to if they are interested in purchasing content you already put out!


Minimum Payout: Onlyfans payout is $20. Before the Onlyfans drama, the payout minimum was $100 for Fansly. They have changed it to $20.

Percentage: Both sites take 20%

Subscriptions: The biggest perk on the Fansly site is the ability to add more than on subscription price. You can have tiers and give followers different access to your page/content.

Ways to make money: Referral Programs- There isn’t much information on the referral program on Fansly

Pay Per View/Message- Both sites have the same abilities. Neither has PPM though.

Promotion- They will share your profile along with other creators by posting links with images alongside the main profile page.

Streaming- This is where Onlyfans is ahead of the game compared to Fansly. Fansly does not have the ability to stream.

Video Store: Both Onlyfans and Fansly does not have a video store.


Minimum Payout: Onlyfans has a minimum payout of $20 whereas Pocketsars has a minimum payout of $40.

Percentage: Onlyfans and Pocketstars has the same percentage. We keep 80%. They take 20%

Subscriptions: Onlyfans and Pocketstars function the same way. You can either have it as a subscription site or a free page.

Ways to make money:Referral Programs- There is no information if Pocketstars has a referral program which leads me to believe there is no referral program.

Pay Per View/Message- Both sites have PPV but not PPM

Promotion- They have an: Explore the Stars page where creators are promoted. That way subscribers can browse and see different profiles!

Streaming- No streaming option for Pocketstars. Onlyfans does have a streaming option!

Video Store- Neither site has a video store.

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