International Whores Day 2019 with SUGAR

Since the brave revolt of more than 100 protesting prostitutes at Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France, on June 2, 1975, International Whores Day was started to honor all past, present and future sex workers from all walks of life. The demands of these women are those of which we still fight for today- including full decriminalization of sex work, an end to police raids, end to racial/whore profiling, expanded aid to survivors of trafficking, and clemency of all incarcerated persons serving time for prostitution related crimes. One of our major goals at SUGAR is to show skeptics and supporters alike that we are human just as they are- and our work is powerful, important, and mostly, WORK. In our mission to honor our fellow sluts, we threw a party to celebrate International Whores Day. We’re so excited to share that with your help, we threw a rager at Mehanata in the Lower East Side and raised $500 for Decrim NY, a non-profit that introduces legislation to decriminalize sex work. Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and to Big Al for having us on Spic N Spanish Reloaded for some pre-Whore’s day shenanigans. Stay tuned for our next wet n’ wild SUGAR party!

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