Venus Retrograde in Gemini: Look Into Your Heart

In times like these, we’ll look to pretty much anything for some sort of direction, but the stars is never a bad idea. As Venus moves retrogrades in Gemini today, NYC-based astrologer and artist, Juno Lilith, gives us a bit of clarity as to what Venus may look like in Gemini, and how we can navigate her new flirtatious energy and channel it into something tangible.

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The planet Venus retrogrades in the sign of Gemini on Wednesday, May 13th until June 25th 2020. By now we have all heard of Mercury in retrograde and have built up enough fear to temporarily send us running for the hills. So you’re probably wondering--what’s the deal with Venus, and what does she have hiding up her sleeve? While the planet Mercury rules over communication--Venus in astrology rules over harmony, love, beauty, creation, and money. She is a kind planetary energy that graces anything she comes in contact with. So what exactly happens when this sign goes retrograde?

First, let’s talk about what happens when a planet retrogrades. It is popular belief that when a planet retrogrades it stops or moves backwards in the sky. While it can definitely appear that way, what really happens is the planet’s orbit slows down and creates a backwards illusion from the Earth’s point of view. This explains why the energy shifts or momentum kind of slows down for us during these times. There are also two shadow phases that occur before and after a retrograde. The first shadow phase began on April 9th and the second shadow phase will occur when Venus goes direct on June 25th and last until July 29th. Anything relating to love, money, or lifestyle that may have come up since April 9th might be of importance during this next month.

When Venus is in Gemini she is curious, flirty, cerebral and imaginative. Venus in Gemini is down to clown and at times can be hard to pin down. She brings a lighthearted energy to the table and may even add a surplus of options as she gets restless quickly. When Venus slows her orbit on May 13th, we may too slow down and really evaluate what is or isn’t making us happy. Because Venus rules over love and leisure we want to make sure that we are not only showing up for our loved ones, but that they are showing up for us and that we too are showing up for ourselves. As relationships are heightened during this time, it’s possible old lovers may show up if they haven’t already or we may feel inclined to take a new approach to love. We may take a harder look at how we act in relationships and what it is that we attract. If already in a relationship, problems could arise or there may be a more apparent evaluation of relationship dynamics. Because Venus deals with the creation of money, there is also a strong possibility we might re-evaluate how it is that we earn and whether it relates to our personality and benefits our inner harmony. Venus in retrograde asks us to dig deeper while Venus in Gemini pushes us to skim the surface. I can see this fusion being one that is light and reveals more hidden truths after the experience. In addition, beauty and appearance could be affected where we may feel an urge to shift our appearance or play with new styles. Key word: play.

Something important to remember during the retrograde process is that it is in fact a process. Oftentimes during the retrograde something pops up in our intuition and there is a sense of urgency that is created. “Why do I attract this person? - Were we ever supposed to date? - Are they always going to be like this? - Is my job really fulfilling? - Should I dye my hair blue?” During the retrograde we might feel a deep need to answer these questions, but because the planet has slowed down it might actually feel impossible at the time to make necessary progress. Most Astrologers will advise on not making any rash decisions while a planet is in retrograde and to instead take notes and make plans. I agree with this, however, we often see that these are the times when rash decisions in fact get made! I do believe that retrogrades happen for a reason—and sometimes this is when we find the strength to make the change we’ve been lagging on for months. If you find yourself making a drastic change or decision all I ask is to find yourself in that decision and to approach it with mindfulness. Be especially careful if this decision includes money at risk. If you don’t make the sudden jump it is very likely you will know by the time Venus goes direct on June 25th what steps you should take. During that final shadow phase that lasts until July 29th will be the best time to put your foot forward with what you have decided on.

If there is one promise you can make to yourself while Venus retrogrades in Gemini, it is to have an open mind and open heart. If feelings of unhappiness come up--question what is it that is causing you to be unhappy? Venus wants you to have fun and to create balance. Lastly, this does not always hold true but more often than not whatever begins in retrograde stays in the retrograde. Meaning, if a new love or a new work experience begins during this next month it is possible it will end before the retrograde is over. If it lasts it may show itself to be different than expected. You can also take this to your advantage. Want to try something you’ve always been curious about? This is a good time to experiment. Most importantly, have fun and remember we are all going through it together!

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