Why Are You Always Nude?

By Margalida Maria Crespi

But… Why are you always nude? Why are you always showing some skin? Why are you always teasing? Why are you always doing the same thing? Well look… because I want to, that’s why.

Because it’s my body, because I am not hurting anybody and because that’s how I claim my freedom, not only as a woman but a free human being who does whatever she wants with her body and her life. Because I am fed up, we’ve had enough! We’ve been fighting for so long (and we will continue to do so) and we want what it’s ours, our bodies, our freedom, our rights. Because we’ve had to put up with abuse, pressure, criticism, discrimination, and not only women but anyone who’s ever felt this way at any point of their lives just because they are different, they act different, for not acting a certain way or have a certain lifestyle.Because my body belongs to me and I will do with it whatever I want. It’s enough shaming women who publicly display their bodies. We need to normalize this and stop overreacting over a naked body.

I talk from my experience as a woman, I speak for myself and all women who, like me, have been shamed, insulted or underestimated for just having autonomy of ourselves.

I struggled with my physical appearance since I was a kid. This caused me to develop trauma during the years where I should have been careless and happy. Not only was I unhappy, but I constantly felt insecure and ashamed of my body. I was obviously a young and ignorant small town girl.. Long story short, I left my happiness in the hands of others, because I cared about being accepted by others more than I cared about my own self love, acceptance and overall well being.

Suddenly the day came where everything changed. Through a long process of experiences, thought and meditation about my own life I learned first about who I was, what I wanted and what I didn’t want, what I believed in… but mostly I learned what I was going to allow and what I wasn’t going to allow. I learned I was already a woman, That I was proud of being one, that the body I was given, with its virtues and it’s flaws, was going to become my biggest weapon. I would protect it and defend it above all things. 

I wasn’t going to allow anyone else to make me feel bad for anything related to my freedom, my body, my behavior, my clothes, the way I express myself. It was enough… And that’s what I will continue to do because you don’t know how happy, free and satisfied that makes me!”


Margalida Maria Crespi in downtown Manhattan.

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